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World Heritage Site, Shirakami Sanchi

Scenery - Nishimeya-village, Ajigasawa-town, Fukaura-town


Shirakami Sanchi is a general term used to refer to the massive 130,000ha (501 square miles) mountainous land extended over Aomori and Akita prefecture. In December 1993, it became the first Japanese World Heritage Site along Yakushima in Kagoshima prefecture. There are only four natural heritage sites in Japan: Shirakami Sanchi of Aomori and Akita; Yakushima of Kagoshima; Shiretoko of Hokkaido; and Ogasawara Islands of Tokyo.
Shirakami Sanchi has been sheltered from human influence, maintaining its original shape with massive primeval beech trees. The forests of Shirakami Sanchi are home to precious rare animals and plants such as black woodpeckers and golden eagles.

Enjoying the Nature of Grand Shirakami Sanchi

In the towns of Fukaura or Ajigasawa, and the village of Nishimeya there are a few of the entrances to the forests of Shirakami Sanchi in Aomori. Visitors can climb mountains, trek through the beech forest, or meet locals around Shirakami Sanchi. This type of green tourism where visitors meet with nature and people is gaining popularity.
Some popular locations for visiting the Shirakami Sanchi are the Anmon Waterfall in Nishimeya-mura, the mother tree of Tsugaru Toge (Tsugaru pass), the Kurokuma Waterfall in Ajigasawa, and Lake Juniko in Fukaura.

Shirakami Sanchi Visitor Center

Visitors can learn about the natural environment of Shirakami Sanchi and its relation with people.

Address 61-1 Kanda Tashiro Nishimeya-mura Nakatsugaru-gun Aomori-ken 036-1411
Contact 0172-85-2810
Dates Closed April through December – Every second Monday (the following day when it falls on a holiday)
December 29th to January 3rd
Admission Fee Free(There is a charge for viewing large screen films)
URL (Japanese)https://www.shirakami-visitor.jp/index.html

AquaGreenVillage ANMON

This facility has a general information center, onsen (hot spring), cottages, camp sites, and large play areas.

Address 417 Okawazoe Kawaratai Nishimeya Aomori-ken 036-1424
Contact 0172-85-3021
Business Hours 9:00~17:00
Dates Closed Closed from mid-January to April
Admission Fee Free(There is a fee for onsen, restaurants, and lodging)
URL (Japanese)http://www.kumagera.net/facillties/anmon.html

Basic Information

Address Nishimeya-mura, Ajigasawa-machi, Fukaura-machi
Tel Shirakami Sanchi World Heritage Site Center 0172-85-2622
Fax Shirakami Sanchi World Heritage Site Center 0172-85-2635
URL Shirakami Sanchi World Heritage Site Center(English)


JR Hirosaki Station Konan Bus Shirakami Line 2 hours 10 minute ride(¥1,850) Shirakami Sanchi Kuchi Tsugaru Toge

JR Hirosaki Station


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