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Mount Iwaki

Scenery - Hirosaki-city


Mount Iwaki is a compound volcano located in the southwest portion of the Tsugaru Plain. The mountain has a conical shape with three peaks. Standing 1,625 meters high, it is the highest mountain in the prefecture.
In 1975, it was designated as the 50th national park. Sometime in June or July, a variety of primrose (known as Michinoku or Iwaki) that only grows on Mt. Iwaki comes to full bloom at around the 9th station.
The summit offers a panoramic view stretching as far as Matsumaezaki in Hokkaido. It overlooks the Hakkoda mountains, Gongenzaki and Jusanko of Tsugaru Peninsula, the gentle arc of Shichirinagahama, Ajigasawa and Oodose.

Inquiries regarding mountain climbing and skiing:Mt. Iwaki Patrol Troop HQ:0172-83-2670


JR Hirosaki Station Konan Bus bound to Karekitai Line 55 minute ride (¥1040)
Bus Timetable(PDF)
Get off at Dake Onsen Stop (Dake Hot Spring) Skyline Shttle Bus 30 minute ride (¥1000) Get off at Iwaki-san Skyline Stop (Mt.Iwaki Skyline)
*However, the road to the top is long, so a pickup shuttle bus service(¥2,500) between the stations and the eighth station of Mt.Iwaki is provided.
Release month:Early in May to Early in November

JR Hirosaki Station

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