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Hoshino Resort Kai Tsugaru

Accommodations - Owani-town


The hotel Kai Tsugaru is located in the Owani Onsen district historically popular for its hot springs. The hotel offers guests the beauty of wa (Japanese style), by presenting an interior befitting the land of Tsugaru such as lighting made with Tsugaru kogin sashi (traditional needlework). For those wishing to fully immerse in Japanese style, we have prepared “Yuan”, a special guest facility dedicated to wa. This distinguishing facility is surrounded by trees and houses a tea room, a garden, and an exclusive outdoor bath. The room in the facility has been renewed as “Tsugaru Kogin no Ma”, which has been adorned with shoji (paper sliding door) with Tsugaru kogin sashi patterns giving the space a romantic atmosphere especially under night light.
Our Kaiseki style meal (banquet style) extensively uses local seafood and produce from Aomori, including Oma tuna during fall/winter months. In the large bath made from an ancient 2000-year old Japanese cypress, guests enjoy the graceful view of a Japanese garden. Our special Apple bath, baths with locally grown apples, is available during harvest season.
The Kai Tsugaru is conveniently located near the world heritage site Shirakami Sanchi, Oirase Gorge, and Hirosaki Park, all very popular sightseeing spots.

Hot Spring Water Composition / Sodium, chloride, sulfate
Hot Spring Benefits / Nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, shoulder pain, paralysis, chronic digestive disorders, poor circulation, recovery from exhaustion, and skin diseases

Feel the Energy from Tsugaru Shamisen Live Performance

Every night, guests have the opportunity to see a Tsugaru shamisen live performance, which is staged in front of the wall painting “Shunju-batou” by the Japanese artist, Matazo Kayama.
The shamisen in Tsugaru region is unique in a way that instead of plucking the strings, the sounds are produced by striking (tataki). The pure sound of Tsugaru shamisen is especially powerful and draws anyone into its tone.

Basic Information

Address 36-1 Kamibotanmori Owani-machi Aomori-ken 038-0211
Tel 0570-073-011 (Kai Reservation Center 9:00~20:00)
Hoshino Resorts Reservation Center
+81-50-3786-1144 (10:00-19:00 GMT+9)
Fax 0172-47-5800
Open [Big Bath]

Weekday 16:00~23:15(Final entry, 23:15) Weekend and Holidays 16:00~24:00(Final entry, 24:00)

[Check-in] 15:00~
[Check-out] ~12:00
Closed None
Price [Room Rates]
Price varies by plan
Wi-Fi Available
URL (English, Simplified Chinese) https://kai-ryokan.jp/tsugaru/


JR Hirosaki Station Ou Main Line 10 minute ride (¥240) JR Owani Onsen Station Free Shuttle Bus* 5 minute ride Hoshino Resort Kai Tsugaru *Free shuttle bus is NOT available from Konan Railway Owani Onsen Station.

JR Hirosaki Station


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