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Hachinohe Yatai Mura (Food Stall Village)-Miroku Yokocho

Food - Hachinohe-city


Miroku Yokocho is located in the city center of Hachinohe. It is a little part of town with around 26 food stalls. Each shop serves a local menu such as fresh seafood from the Hachinohe port and Senbei-jiru (a traditional hot pot in which locally made crackers are cooked along with vegetables and meats) as well as typical Japanese bar (izakaya) food and ramen. The food stalls have an open atmosphere and are a popular spot for tourists.

How to Enjoy Miroku Yokocho

On both sides of a narrow retro street, small stalls accommodating around eight people each are lined up tightly next to one another. One of the exciting things about Miroku Yokocho is meeting and chatting with strangers at the stalls. While enjoying one stall thoroughly is fun, stall-hopping is a great way to take advantage of the diverse styles of cooking in Miroku Yokocho.

Basic Information

Address Between Mikka-machi and Muika-machi in Hachinohe-shi Aomori 031-0032
Tel Miroku Yokocho Office 0178-29-0815
Fax Miroku Yokocho Office 0178-29-0776
Open Hours vary by stall
Closed Days closed vary by stall.
Wi-Fi Not Available
URL (Japanese)http://www.36yokocho.com/


JR Hon-Hachinohe Station 10-minute walk Miroku Yokocho

JR Hon-Hachinohe Station


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