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Fukaura Maguro Steak Bowl

Food - Fukaura-town

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Speaking of Maguro (a bluefine tuna) in Aomori”, people will think that in Oma, however Fukaura Town is number one fishing ground of tuna in Aomori Prefecture.
Fukaura Maguro Steak Bowl is served with three type of small ball using the bluefine tuna caught in Fukaura. People can enjoy Maguro Sashimi Bowl, one-side grilled Maguro Stake Bowl and both-side grilled Maguro Stake Bowl once. Those are served with three different sauces one of which is original by each restaurant.

Restaurants where you can eat

Address 6-6 Aza-toyota, Seki, Fukaura-machi, Aomori 038-2503
Access Approx. 3 min walk from JR Gono Line Mutsu-Yanagida Station
Tel 0173-76-3630
Hours 11:00~14:00、17:00~20:00
Closed Wednesday
[Tabemonoya Sailing]
Address 78-34 Nawashirozawa, Fukaura, Fukaura-machi, Aomori 038-2324
Access Approx. 3 min on walk from JR Gono Line, Fukaura Station
Tel 0173-74-3068
Hours 11:00~21:00
Closed Sunday
URL (Japanese)http://park8.wakwak.com/~sailing/index.html#id74
Address 228-1 Okazaki, Fukaura, Fukaura-machi, Aomori 038-2324
Access Approx. 30 min on walk from JR Gono Line Fukaura Station
Tel 0173-74-4335
Hours 11:30~15:00
Closed Sunday(Open everyday in July and August)
Address 146-2 Aza-okazaki, Fukaura, Fukaura Town, Nishi-tsugaru County, Aomori 038-2324
Access Approx. 30 min on walk from JR Gono Line, Fukaura Station
Tel 0173-74-2255
Hours 11:00~20:00
Closed irregular holidays
[Koganezaki Furofushi Onsen]
Address 15 Shimokiyotaki, Henasi, Fukaura-machi, Aomori 038-2327
Access Approx. 15 min on walk from JR Gono Line, Henasi Station
Tel 0173-74-3500
Hours 10:00~19:00
Closed Open year-round
URL (English)http://www.furofushi.com/
【closed】[Restaurant Camellia]
Address WeSPa Tsubakiyama, 226-1 Nabeishi, Henasi, Fukaura-machi, Aomori 038-2327
Access Right in front of JR Gono Line, WeSPa Tsubakiyama Station
Tel 0173-75-2261
Hours 11:00~20:30
Closed Open year-round
URL (English, Simplified Chinese and Korean)http://www.wespa.jp/
[Restaurant Akashobin]
Address Awone Shirakami Jyuniko, 14 Shimohamamatsu, Matsukami, Fukaura-machi, Aomori 038-2206
Address Approx. 30 min on walk from JR Gono Line, Juniko Station
Pickup service is available.
Tel 0173-77-3311
Hours 11:00~14:30、18:00~20:30 *Depending on season, business hours is subject to change.
Closed Open year-round
URL (Japanese)http://www.shirakami-jyuniko.jp/

Basic Information

Address Fukaura-machi, Aomori
Price ¥1350 (incl. tax) for all restaurants
URL (Japanese)http://www.fukauramaguro.com/


JR Aomori Station or JR Shin-Aomori Station Resort Shirakami Line 180 minute (¥2,460~) JR Fukaura Station

JR Aomori Station


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