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Fukaura Maguro (tuna)

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A top class of tuna, Bluefin tuna that migrate northward to the Tsugaru Strait along the Sea of Japan and is caught in Fukaura Town, Aomori, is called as Natsu Maguro (tuna caught in summer season). On the other hands, those caught in the Tsugaru Strait at Oma Town, Aomori are called as Fuyu Maguro (tuna caught in winter season). Natsu Maguro of Fukaura is little smaller than Fuyu Maguro, however it is known for great taste of red meat with moderate fat and smooth texture.
The fishing season for tuna in Fukaura is longer than that in the Tsugaru Strait (Oma Town in Aomori and Matusumae and Toi Town in Hokkaido). Therefore fresh Fukaura tuna is available to enjoy for long term in a year.
Recently new local dish “Fukaura Maguro Steak Bowl” was born from local resident’s wish that “they want people to know ‘Fukaura Tuna’ more, and not to hide back of big branded tuna in Oma”.

Basic Information

Address Address: Fukaura Town Hall, 84-2 Nawashirozawa, Fukaura, Fukaura-machi, Aomori 038-2324
Tel Fukaura Town Hall; 0173-74-2111
Fax Fukaura Town Hall; 0173-74-4415
URL Fukaura Town (Japanese)


JR Aomori Station or JR Shin-Aomori Station Resort Shirakami Line 180minute ride(¥2,460~) JR Fukaura Station

JR Aomori Station


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