A-List of What’s Been Affected by the New Coronavirus in Aomori Prefecture


It is said that Japan has four distinct seasons compared to other countries in the world, and especially Aomori Prefecture has clear differences with seasonal beauty of nature.
Aomori Prefecture, located on northernmost tip in main land of Japan, is home to a rich treasure trove of natural resources, starting with the World Heritage, Shirakami-Sanchi, Lake Towada, Oirase Stream. Such an abundant and mystical nature in Aomori is known for “power spots (places where people believe to be able to correct spiritual energy)”. Why don’t you feel the spiritual energy in Aomori?

Anmon-no-Taki Waterfall

This waterfall has three steps: from the top, "Ichi-no-Taki (first fall)... more

Mt. Iwaki Skyline

Iwaki Skyline is a toll road with a great view that takes you up to the 8t... more

Mount Iwaki

Mount Iwaki is a compound volcano located in the southwest portion of the ... more

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Aomori is the northern most pre fecture on the main island ofJap an at northern latitude of 40.12 to 41.33 degrees. It is located about the same lati tudeas New York, Beijing, Rome and Madrid. access

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