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Aomori prefecture is known for onsen, of which number and the yield of hot springs are the fourth in Japan. There are plural number of unique onsen; only one onsen in the quiet forest, onsen with beautiful sunset view, the one litterateur loved, onsen healing body and soul, and onsen have been loved by people. Mostly, onsen inn has Japanese feeling and heals your heart not only body. Aomori’s onsen situated in nature environment offer you relaxing time, and so once you visit, you must be fascinated by onsen in Aomori.


Ajigasawa Onsen Region

The hot spring inns nearby JR Ajigasawa Station, Hotel Sankaiso and Sankaiso Bekkan Suigun... more

Tsuta Onsen Tsuta Onsen Japanese Style Inn

Tsuta Onsen, located near the entrance of Oiraese gorge, lies surrounded b... more

Sukayu Onsen

Sukayu is a mountainous hot spring that has been accessible for over 300 y... more

Minamida Onsen Hotel Apple Land

Minamida Onsen Hotel Apple Land is located in Hirakawa city of Minami Tsug... more

Koganezaki Furofushi Onsen Hotel

Furofushi Onsen Hotel is an onsen (hot spring) hotel, famous for its outdo... more

Hoshino Resort Kai Tsugaru

The hotel Kai Tsugaru is located in the Owani Onsen district historically ... more

Hoshino Resorts Oirase Keiryu Hotel

Oirase Keiryu Hotel is a resort hotel located by the fascinating Oirase Go... more

Hoshino Resorts Aomoriya

Aomoriya is an onsen (hot spring) hotel with easy access from JR Hachinohe Station... more

Itadome Onsen

At Itadome, you can see the flow of the Aseishikawa River and the grandeur... more

Inagaki Onsen Hotel Kagetsutei

Inagaki Onsen Hotel Kagetsutei is located roughly in the center of the Tsu... more

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Aomori is the northern most pre fecture on the main island ofJap an at northern latitude of 40.12 to 41.33 degrees. It is located about the same lati tudeas New York, Beijing, Rome and Madrid. access

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