A-List of What’s Been Affected by the New Coronavirus in Aomori Prefecture


Additional World Heritage in Aomori Prefecture, “Jomon Prehistoric Sites in Northern Japan”

“Jomon Prehistoric Sites in Northern Japan” has been designated as the World Cultural Heri... more

Enjoy a Trip both to Hokkaido and Aomori at Once!

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A-List of What’s Been Affected by the New Coronavirus in Aomori Prefecture

Because of the new coronavirus outbreak, many events in Aomori Prefecture have been canc... more

Sannai Maruyama Site Is Set to Be Added to World Heritage!

Sannai Maruyama Site is a village ruin in approximately 5,900-4,200 years ago during t... more

“Tohoku Destination Campaign” is Being Held

From April 1 to September 30, 2021, six group companies of JR and the municipalities, to... more

Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Aomori -Cherry Blossom Tunnel and Cherry Tree-Lined Road-

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Winter Travel Destination in Aomori, Best Open-Air Hot Springs with Snow View

Talking about hot springs, referred to as onsen in Japanese, many people might say that th... more

Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival 2021

Hirosaki Castle Snow Lantern Festival It is one of the big five snow festivals of Mic... more

Top 10 Most Popular Articles in 2020

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Illuminations and light decorations at Towada Shrine “Winter Story of Lights” 2020-2021

A popular winter festival “Lake Towada Winter Story” held at Lake Towada i... more

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