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Nebuta or Neputa Works Tour

One-day Experience - Aomori-city, Hirosaki-city, Goshogawara-city


Visitors can enjoy the hands-on experience of Tachineputa, which is a height of 23 meters and is an actual float for festival parade, at Tachineputa-no-Yakata in Goshogawara City. It offers experience of “Kamihari (putting papers on)” or “Irozuke (coloring)” in the making process. In the summer, the Tachineputa float that visitors worked on will line up for the festival parade in Goshogawara City.
*Please note that dates and contents for experience will be changed depending on timing of process. Ask for the information in advance. (Visitors can not choose whether “Kamihari” nor “Irozuke”.)
Also there are other tourist facilities in the prefecture, which offer experience of the festival, guided tour, and hands-on class of decorating Kingyo Nebuta (handy sized float of goldfish) or coloring face of Nebuta floats.

Goshogawara City

Tachineputa no Yakata[Tachineputa Museum] (Goshogawara City)

Hands-on experience of putting paper or coloring for Tachineputa, Kingyo Neputa making, Uchiwa (Japanese fan) making

Address 21-1 Omachi, Goshogawara-shi, Aomori 037-0063
TEL 0173-38-3232
URL (Japanese)http://www.tachineputa.jp/

Aomori City

Takenami, Hiroo Neputa Kenkyuujo (Aomori City)

The craftmen for Aomori Nebuta float are called as “Nebuta-shi”, and usually their works are not opened to public. However this place offers studio tour, which will be valuable experience for visitors.

Address 2-2-8 Yasukata, Aomori-shi, Aomori 030-0803
Tel 017-752-1616
URL (Japanese)http://takenami-nebuken.com/

Nebuta Rasseland (Aomori City)

From every spring through summer, 22 of tents, where the gigantic floats for Aomori Nebuta Festival are made and kept, will stand in line at the water front park, Aoi-Umi-Koen next to ASPAM (Aomori Prefecture Tourist Center). It is recommended to walk watching them with the seaside view.
[Nebuta Volunteer Guide (free, Japanese language only)]

Volunteer guides who can explain about history, origin, making process and how operate festival of Aomori Nebuta offer a guided tour at Rasseland.

Date July 1st – August 6th
Hours 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. (no tour between 0:00 – 1:00 p.m.)
Application Just stop by and ask at information desk for guided tour. Also booking on the phone is available.
Tel Aomori Tourism and Convention Association, 017-723-7211

The Nebuta House Wa Rasse (Aomori City)

Uchiwa making with coloring of Kingyo Nebuta picture, Kingyo Nebuta making, coloring or making of Nebuta float’s face

Address 1-1-1 Yasukata, Aomori-shi, Aomori 030-0803
Tel 017-752-1311
URL (Japanese)http://www.nebuta.or.jp/warasse/

Hirosaki City

Tsugaru-han Neputa-Mura (Hirosaki City)

Coloring for Kingho Neputa, wall-hanging Ougi Neputa making

Address 61 Kamenokomachi, Hirosaki-shi, Aomori 036-8332
Tel 0172-39-1511
URL (Japanese)http://www.neputamura.com/

Kuroishi City

Tsugaru Traditional Art and Craft Store (Kuroishi City)

Coloring of Kingyo Neputa

Address 65-1 Tomiyama, Fukuro, Kuroishi-shi, Aomori 036-0412
Tel 0172-59-5300
URL (Japanese)http://tsugarudensho.com/
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