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Ajigasawa Onsen Suigun no Yado

Accommodations - Ajigasawa-town


Ajigasawa Onsen – Suigun no Yado is located just a 5-minute walk from JR Ajigasawa Station. The inn features a warm wood interior with chairs conveniently located throughout the facility for reading or chatting. There are special guest rooms with private outdoor onsen baths, offering exclusive quality time under the starry night sky.
The inn also features local cuisine using locally grown ingredients. The fish served are fresh from the local port and grilled on charcoal grill. On the day of your stay, you will be given an option among five different kinds of seafood to be grilled for your dinner.
Chinese and Taiwanese language service is available as the hotel hostess is from Taiwan.

Hot Spring Water Composition / Sodium, calcium
Hot Spring Benefits / Nerve pain, muscle pain, joint, pain, shoulder pain, poor circulation, chronic skin diseases

Hot Spring Containing Sea Water from 300,000 Years Ago

In prehistoric times, the area around Suigun no Yado was submerged in the sea. Thus the hot spring that flows here contains sodium chloride and is salty to the taste. Ocean water from 300,000 years ago is now flowing out as hot spring, and is effective in healing wounds and skin diseases. The clear water has a great warming effect on our bodies, with a great reputation among locals as well as prominent figures.

Basic Information

Address 26-1 Shimotomita Maito-machi Ajigasawa-town Aomori-ken 038-2761
Tel 0173-72-6511
Fax 0173-72-6512
Open [One Day Onsen] 8:00~21:00

[Check-in] 15:00~
[Check-out] ~10:00
Closed Days Closed
Price [One Day Onsen]
dult (Junior high and older) ¥ 420 Child ¥150 Toddler ¥60

[Room Rates]
Price varies by plan
Wi-Fi Available
URL (Japanese) http://suigunnoyado.com/index.html


JR Shin-Aomori Station JR Ou Honsen 30-minute ride JR Kawabe Station Transfer JR Gono Line 60-minutes (¥1,320) Get off at JR Ajigasawa Station 5-minute walk* Suigun no YAdo *Free shuttle bus available from Ajigasawa Station (reservation required). Please advise the arrival time in advance.

JR Shin-Aomori Station


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