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Michinoku Coastal Trail

Michinoku Coastal Trail
The Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011 hit and devasted the ocean coast of the northeastern area of Japan. “Michinoku Coastal Trail”, which has been constructed as a symbol of disaster recovery, is a long distance footpath with a total length over 1,000 km. It starts in the city of Hachinohe in Aomori Prefecture and ends in Soma, Fukushima Prefecture.
At the Kabushima Island in Hachinohe City, the northernmost point of the trail, there is a monument to show the Trail Head and End Point.
The Hachinohe section is a trail to hike around “Tanesashi Kaigan”, which is a coastal area with a treasure of the gorgeous view. Enjoy its beautiful coastal scenery.

JR Hachinohe Line, Same Station → Kabushima-jinja Shrine → Ashigezaki Viewpoint→ Horonbairu (rest area) → Nakasuka → Osuka Beach → Yodo no Matsubara (Pine Grove) → Tanesashi Natural LawnTanesashi Kaigan Information Center → JR Tanesashi Kaigan Station

The time required: approximately 5 hours (including rest)
Distance: approximately 9.2 km

*Reference: Detailed maps and information are on the website of Ministry of the Environment; “Michinoku Coastal Trail” Hachinohe Section.

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