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Tanbo Art 2018, Inakadate Village, Aomori Prefecture

“Tanbo Art” is annual event in Inakadate Village, Aomori.
It is a massive living art, created on the rice paddy field, made out of colored rice stalks.

Tanbo Art 2018 will try to create two designs; a scene from the world-renowned film in the mid-20th century, “Roman Holiday” will appear on the first rice paddy and the work from anime by a Japanese Manga artist “Osamu Tezuka”, who will be celebrated because this year marks the 90th anniversary of the birth, on the second paddy.

Tanbo Art in Inakadate Village is renowned for its incredible detail and remarkable artistry, drawing the vast number of tourists every year.

The Tanbo Art #1 “Roman Holiday”

The Tanbo Art #1 Roman Holiday
On the first field, the work of art is a famous scene from the American film released in 1953, “Roman Holiday”.

The Tanbo Art #2 “Character from anime by Osamu Tezuka”

The Tanbo Art #2 Character from anime by Osamu Tezuka
At the second field, with celebrating Osamu Tezuka at 90th anniversary, you will see the characters of his manga works, “Astro Boy”, “Jungle Emperor”, “Black Jack” and “Princess Knight” and also his portrait.

Stone Art -Person to be missed- “Princess Diana” and “Hibari Misora”

From Yayoi-no-sato observation deck at the second venue, you can also see “Stone Art” that is the work of art using multiple color stones.


At two sites, no eating (including candy and chewing gum) nor drinking both at observation deck and in the building.
No smoking at observation deck and in the building.
Not allowed to use fire nor bring in hazardous materials at observation deck and in the building.
No pets allowed except guide dogs.
At observation deck and site, not allowed to use tripod for taking photos nor recording video except reporters who have received permission for coverage.
Please follow the instructions of the staff.
*Please note that we will ask you to leave when not following the instructions of the staff.

Rice Paddy Art -Inakadate Village-


First Tanbo Art (Inakadate Village Observation Deck)

Location: Inadadate Village Hall, east side rice filed (Available to view from the observation deck)
Date: June 4th to October 8th, 2018 (On September 30th, observation deck will be closed)


JR Hirosaki Station
1 minute walk
Konan Raiway Hirosaki Station
Konan Line 25 minute ride
Get Off at Inakadate Station
Taxi 5 minute ride
Inakadate-mura Observation Platform (First Tanbo Art)

Aomori Navi
*Free Shuttle available During the rice paddy art event, free shuttle are available for access between First Tanbo Art (Inakadate Village Observation Deck) and The Second Tanbo Art (Yayoi-no-sato Ovservation Deck).

The Second Tanbo Art (Yayoi-no-sato Ovservation Deck)

Location: Inakadate Roadside Station, Yayoi-no-sato (Available to watch from observation deck)
Dates: June 16th to October 8th, 2018


JR Hirosaki Station
1 minute walk
Konan Railway Hirosaki Station
Konan Line 23 minute ride
Get off at Tanbo Art Station

Aomori Navi

Free shuttle

During the Tanbo Art is held free car shuttle (9 seats) will run between the first and second artwork fields.
Operating period:June 16th to October 8th ,2018
Operating Schedule[PDF]

First Tanbo Art
11 minute ride
The Second Tanbo Art
The Second Tanbo Art
11 minute ride
First Tanbo Art

Admission Fee

Rice Paddy Art -Inakadate Village- Admission Fee

Open hours

Open hours
Opens everyday including Saturday, Sunday and national holidays during the period of Tanbo Art.

Rice Paddy Art -Inakadate Village-

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