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Inakadate Village, Rice Paddy Art 2017

 Inakadate Village, Rice Paddy Art 2017

 Inakadate Village, Rice Paddy Art 2017

“Rice Paddy Art”, called as “Tanbo Art” in Japanese, is annually held in the village of Inakadate, Aomori Prefecture. It is a work of art, which gigantic pictures are drawn on the rice field as canvas with mixing different color of rice plants instead of paint. Its detailed description and high artistic quality bring a large number of tourists here to see every year.

This year, Inakadate Village will challenge two works of Rice Paddy Art inspired from Japanese stories.
It will be created under the theme from Japanese mythology at the first venue for Rice Paddy Art and one from famous fairy tale for the second venue. Every people that means both of kids and adults or both of Japanese and foreigners can enjoy these works of art.

The first Rice Paddy Art; “Yamata-no-Orochi and Susano-no-Mikoto”

 Yamata-no-Orochi and Susano-no-Mikoto
At the first venue of work, the rice paddy will show a picture of the climactic scene, characterizing Susano-no-Mikoto against to Yamata-no-Orochi from “The Legend of Yamata-no-Orochi”, which is one of the famous Japanese mythologies.

The Second Rice Paddy Art; “Momotaro”

At the second venue, the picture shows the scene from “Momotaro”, literally meaning ‘Peach Boy’, which is one of the famous Japanese folklores. It will be a picture of the journey of Momotaro, a boy born from peach, to fight the ogre with having companies of animals on his way.

Stone Art

 Inakadate Village, Rice Paddy Art 2017

Unforgettable People, “Yujiro Ishihara” and “Princess Diana”
On the second venue of Rice Paddy Art, “Stone Art”, another work drawn using small stones of different colors will be created. Visitors can see the picture from Yayoi-no-sato Observatory of the second venue.

Rice Paddy Art -Inakadate Village-


First Tanbo Art (Inakadate Village Observation Deck)

Design: “Yamata-no-Orochi and Susano-no-Mikoto”
Location: Inadadate Village Hall, east side rice filed (Available to view from the observation deck)
Date: June 5th to October 9th, 2017 (On October 1st, observation deck will be closed)


JR Hirosaki Station
1 minute walk
Konan Raiway Hirosaki Station
Konan Line 25 minute ride
Get Off at Inakadate Station
Taxi 5 minute ride
Inakadate-mura Observation Platform (First Tanbo Art)

Aomori Navi
*Free Shuttle available During the rice paddy art event, free shuttle are available for access between First Tanbo Art (Inakadate Village Observation Deck) and The Second Tanbo Art (Yayoi-no-sato Ovservation Deck).

The Second Tanbo Art (Yayoi-no-sato Ovservation Deck)

Design: “Momotaro”
Location: Inakadate Roadside Station, Yayoi-no-sato (Available to watch from observation deck)
Dates: June 17th to October 9th, 2017


JR Hirosaki Station
1 minute walk
Konan Railway Hirosaki Station
Konan Line 23 minute ride
Get off at Tanbo Art Station

Aomori Navi

Free shuttle

During the Tanbo Art is held free car shuttle (9 seats) will run between the first and second artwork fields.
Operating period:June 17th to October 9th ,2017
Operating Schedule[PDF]

First Tanbo Art
11 minute ride
The Second Tanbo Art
The Second Tanbo Art
11 minute ride
First Tanbo Art

Admission Fee

Rice Paddy Art -Inakadate Village- Admission Fee

Open hours

Rice Paddy Art -Inakadate Village- Open hours
Opens everyday including Saturday, Sunday and national holidays during the period of Tanbo Art.

Rice Paddy Art -Inakadate Village-

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