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Fully Enjoy the nature of the Mystic Lake,Towadako

Fully Enjoy the nature of the Mystic Lake,Towadako

Lake Towada, located on the border between Akita and Aomori Prefectures, is the caldera lake formed by eruptions of Towada Volcano.Due to unfrozen lake during winter, it is also called as “Mystic Lake.”
It is the source of the Oirase Stream, and is beautiful lake showing various landscapes by four each season.

Fully Enjoy the nature of the Mystic Lake,Towadako

Tourists can find many things to do, such as sightseeing boat or canoe tour, enjoying the nature of Lake Towada.
The guided canoe tour, paddling your own canoe, will take you a two-hour adventure in Lake Towada. Due to guided tour, you will be necessary no experience.
If you join the adventure boat tour, getting on the rigid-hulled inflatable boat, you can see the special preservation area of Lake Towada. Or the sightseeing boat, taking approximately 50 minutes, will let you explore magnificent view from the lake.
Also the rambling tour to enjoy grand nature of the Oirase Stream is recommended.

Fully Enjoy the nature of the Mystic Lake,Towadako

For the details of canoe tour and rambling; http://www.nexgh.com/
For the details of adventure boat tour; http://guriland.jp/bo-to2.htm
For the details of sightseeing boat; http://www.toutetsu.co.jp/ship.html

Lake Towada
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