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Winter Rice Paddy Art and Ground Blizzard Experience

“Winter Rice Paddy Art 2017” will be held

“Winter Rice Paddy Art 2017” will be held

“Simon Beck’s Snow Art”, which was held for the first time in Japan at Inakadate Village, the second Rice Paddy Art Place in February 2016, will be back in this winter. “Snow Art” is a magnificent art that is illustrated by stepping and hardening the snowfield with human’s two feet. Simon Beck, who is famous for his works with large-scale and beautifulness around the world, will be a producer. Please enjoy this year’s artistic drawing on snowfield again in Inakadate Village, Aomori.

Dates: February 9 to 12, 2017
Place: Michi-no-Eki Inakadate, Yayoi-no-Sato Observatory and around

“Winter Rice Paddy Art 2017” will be held


-By Rail

Hirosaki Station
Kounan Railway, Kounan Line (¥430)
Get off at“Tanbo Art Station”
Approx. 2 minutes walk
Yayoi-no-Sato Observatory

(During event, it will temporary stop at “Tanbo Art Station”)

-By Bus

Hirosaki Station or Hirosaki Bus Terminal
Konan Bus, Hirosaki-Kuroishi-Ogawara Line(¥620)
Get off at “Takahi” Bus Stop
Approx. 12 minutes walk
Yayoi-no-Sato Observatory

“Winter Rice Paddy Art 2017” will be held

Simon Beck’s Snow Art
Rice Paddy Art -Inakadate Village-

Ground Blizzard Experience in Snowy Country

Ground Blizzard Experience in Snowy Country

Here in snowy region, snow will be lifted from the ground surface by very strong wind and it cause whiteout that reduce visibly right before your nose! Why don’t you experience this blizzard on the snowfield in Goshogawara City, Aomori?

Dates: January through February
Place: Meeting at Tsugaru Railway, “Kanagi Station”
Fee: Adults ¥2500 / Child ¥500
Reservation Request for “Ground Blizzard Experience in Snowy Country”, click here (Japanese)

Snow Country Drifting Snow Tour

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